The sloppiness and incompetence of Theresa May, and her Ministerial team, and the Westminster Parliament on the 29. March 2019 control, are breathtaking. In 25 days, the divorce Britain from the EU will enter into force. But nothing is settled–!

In the weekly rhythm of the lower house votes on hopeless applications. The members of the government, the hard-Brexit, so a fair exit from the EU is prohibited. The of May with the countries of the EU concerted agreement, but they refuse the approval. Brussels refuses to renegotiate categorically.

Without a discharge of the contract in view to be debated rather than the almost chance-less request for a second Referendum. Or about a possible postponement of the discharge date by a few weeks. Where no one can tell you how to use this new cooling-off period would be. In any case, the Whole thing should be gone until the election to the European Parliament by the end of may on the stage. But because no one knows how to do that, debate the members the combination of all these mutually exclusive ideas. The British house of Commons to the great house?

The British sense of humour to help

The British take refuge in this desperate Situation in their infamous black Humor. The action with the wonderfully ambiguous name “Led by donkeys” (burros) is only one of many examples. Less than two months since the three test follies and lies of the Brexit are advocates to the large advertising available land in the whole country.

Meanwhile, the Rest of Europe is watching in disbelief the descent of the once-proud Empire and its democratic and diplomatic traditions to embarrassing laughing stock.

The 27 remaining member States of the EU want to help lead the Leaving of a child. Who locks themselves, however, are the British. On the way to the political and social self-destruction, you have to forget compared with the previous partners all the rules of decency and Fair Play.

With an almost sadistic pleasure in it, the European Union is in a state of Uncertainty. Your right, the exit’s application to withdraw up to the last second before the entry into force yet, it is for the community, no longer hope, but only a threat.

A nightmare.