with the newly negotiated Brexit Deal on Saturday in the British Parliament, the United Kingdom, with an agreement on 31 may. October, from the EU to escape.

Deal is adopted by the Parliament

at the same time a transitional phase in force in the United Kingdom in the customs Union and the single market of the EU and still EU adopts legislation occurs. This Phase, in which a free trade agreement with the EU is to be negotiated, is supposed to last until the end of 2020 – with the possibility of an extension.

In this transition phase would also be “third countries agreements between the EU and the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU on the UK to apply,” writes the fed. Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) in an information sheet for the Brexit. This will change for the Swiss in the UK and for Swiss companies, virtually nothing.

Deal is rejected, it comes to disordered Brexit

the British Parliament Agreed to on Saturday, however, against this agreement, increases the risk of a No-Deal Brexit again. Switzerland would be affected by a disordered Brexit, As the on the bilateral Swiss-EU agreement-based relationship between Bern and London would be cut at a stroke.

But even in this scenario, Switzerland is prepared: Five agreements with the United Kingdom are fully negotiated on the table. At the Moment, in the the United Kingdom without a Brexit-leaves agreement from the EU, they appear in force – definitely or at least temporarily.

5 the agreement rules the relationship to London, in a No-Deal

The five agreements cover important areas in the relationship between Switzerland and the United Kingdom:

commercial air and road traffic rights of the citizens admission to the labour market insurance, No gaps in the air traffic

So, it can be ensured in the case of a disordered Brexit thanks to the new air traffic agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom “the seamless continuation of the existing rights in the air transport sector,” writes the EDA. According to the Federal office for civil aviation (FOCA), there are between the two countries “around 150 flights a day”. The freight traffic is not taken into account here.

rights of the citizens of

In the case of a No-Deal Brexit would also eliminate the free movement of persons agreement. In the UK, working in Switzerland, the same would apply to the British in Switzerland could lose from one day to the other your residence status. After all, around 35’400 Swiss life, according to the EDA on the island and is just 41’400 Brits in Switzerland.

thanks to the Convention on the rights of citizens, the rights acquired by the Swiss would be protected to a disordered Brexit – around their residence and social security claims.

access to labour markets

A provision was also found for those Swiss who want to work after a No-Deal Brexit in the UK. You need to be in the United Kingdom register and received a three-year right of residence.

conversely, would be introduced in Switzerland separate quotas for British citizens. The agreement on mutual admission to the labour market, however, is “basically, to 31. December 2020 limited,” writes the EDA. Regardless of A visa requirement for Swiss nationals there are no.

trade back up

A trade agreement should also ensure the exchange of goods between the two countries continues. The UK is, according to EDA, with 9.4 billion Swiss francs (2018), the sixth most important market for Swiss goods exports, and the eighth largest origin market for Goods. Imported goods to the value of 7.7 billion Swiss francs.

The trade agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom, were taken over large parts “of the agreement with the EU in economic and trade area,” writes the EDA. The free trade agreement of 1972, the agreement on the recognition of conformity assessments (MRA) and the agreement on Agriculture, among others.

Some of the problem there are make however,

However, the EU is based on the harmonisation of legislation and could not be assumed, therefore, fully “into the relations between Switzerland and the UK,” writes the EDA. The agreement on customs facilitation and customs security, the veterinary agreement and certain sectors of the MRA include. One would assume these areas, could be the Switzerland to act as a gateway for goods into the EU, meet the EU Standards.

Switzerland has early agreements negotiated

in doing So, Switzerland is prepared as well as possible on a disordered Brexit, thanks to early Action. Already at the beginning of the year 2016, so almost half a year before the British Brexit vote on the 23. June, was made in Bern already about the impact of a Brexit on the Switzerland thought and the “Mind the gap”strategy.

However, despite all efforts, it is clear that the five agreements, only to catch-all solutions. Because of the relationship between Bern and London developed in the future, also depends on the future relationship with the EU-the UK. (SDA)


On the 23. June 2016 on prisoner 51.9 per cent of the British withdrawal from the EU. Since then, the government desperately tries to control the exit from the EU. In addition to tensions between the EU and the UK, the MPs with the search for a Compromise seem to have a hard time. Seemingly every day there are new initiatives, reviews and negotiations. You can keep track of the Brexit-the Chaos with the news Ticker from view.ch.