Brexit began to quarrel neighbors: the fishermen of France and Britain to share the catch

Threats of the French government to burn the boats “by the British sanctional” brought the fishermen of Normandy and of Calvados before the meeting with the messengers of Macron — in threat to the economy of the regions, the President sent the Secretary of state for European Affairs to the fishermen calmed, and at the same time explained to them, rumors spread by British competitors. Due to the Kingdom’s exit from the EU, they supposedly require every visitor from the mainland, a special permit for fishing cod and scallops.

Richard Keane catches of crabs, lobsters and scallops, but today his most valuable production — raised from the seabed vintage bottle of French wine. According to Fisher, it is handmade, which two hundred years. For it must be worth fifty pounds.

Relations with the French is bad now. After came the Brexit, the island authorities of Guernsey, which belongs to the British crown, has closed access to its territorial waters by French fishermen. The response from France came immediately. One of the fishermen said:

“the Owner of one of our large Seiners already got a call from Cherbourg and said that he wasn’t there with his fish, if he does not want his ship was damaged”.

Two years ago the French and British fishermen were already out at sea because of the production of scallops, even went to the RAM. Before the fighting, the case has not yet reached, although the loss of the French very tangible — in the UK water accounts for a third of their catch. Fisherman Frank Le Descallar said:

“This threatens our businesses, so companies such as ours, it will be very difficult to get there”.

French fishermen felt that by the end of this year, the so-called “transition period”, the rules will remain the same. But Guernsey never was a part of the EU, so here insist on signing a separate agreement.

“the French and British governments told us only ten days before Brexit, Britain withdrew from the London Convention on fishing and that we are not subject to the rules of the European Union”, — said the foreign Minister of Guernsey, Jonathan Le current.

French President Emmanuel macron sent Ministers to appease their fishermen. They assure that a solution will be found before the end of this week. In Guernsey also suffer losses due to the fact that local fishermen can’t sell in France their catch.

“To France, the us just four hours to go, and to England, it turns out, ten hours. We grow twice the cost of diesel,” — said Rybak Paul Fallon.

“Everything connected with the Brexit, will soon be a problem for us”, — said Rybak Richard Keane.

Fishing is one of the most controversial issues in the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels. The British promised to restrict access to their territorial waters, do not agree with anything their opponents on the continent.

“it is not surprising that the Dutch, the French and others say, “We want this order of things continued”. I mean, historically it is our right”, — commented the former head of the Committee on fisheries of the European Parliament Chris Davies.

the Current conflict situation many consider a harbinger of more serious problems, given the historically complex relationship of Britain with her now former partners in the European Union. Not by chance French writer Victor Hugo called Guernsey breakaway piece of France, chosen by the British.

the Format of future relations between London and the rest of Europe is still unknown, but Brexit restated posibilties and worn down by the European Union border.