“We are nearing the completion of a current major Sponsor, wants to expand its involvement in the crisis,” said managing Director Klaus Filbry on Thursday in a phone unlock with journalists. “The ink is not dry, but it looks very good,” said Filbry on the “countercyclical behavior” of the sponsor happy. Basically, Werder Bremen has been reasonable, said Filbry. Nevertheless, it is of great importance that the currently up to 30. April suspended season in the football played in the Bundesliga at the end is, otherwise, a loss in TV – and sponsors-would threaten revenue. “If we do not receive the TV-Rate, and we would also be losses to sponsors benefits, we need to have in the autumn of help,” said Filby. “But that’s a Problem the industry as a whole and in the majority of Clubs – with a month or two time delay equal to.”

in the face of the sporty-threatening Situation, Bremer must be parallel for the 2. Bundesliga schedule. A descent would complicate planning for the Future, but Filbry remains optimistic. “I’m going to assume that we get the license for the Second League without pads. We have adjusted our Cost for the Second League strong. For the Second League, the covers are significantly lower than for the First League.“ Werder Bremen is currently in table 17. of the Bundesliga.