“We are irritated by the regular public appearances by Mr Mäurer with this negative attitude towards professional football,” said Baumann in an Interview with Weser-Kurier (Sunday). The Pro-football will be pushed “here in Bremen into a corner, he has not earned.” The trigger for this criticism is the recent statements by Mäurer to the application of the football Bundesliga club to be starting from this Monday, in spite of the existing contact ban in the Corona-crisis training sessions with up to ten players are. The Senator for the interior has not refused the request because he relies in this matter on a common approach for all Federal States. At a press conference on Friday, the SPD politician said, however, the plans of professional clubs: “This is not a good Signal to the Republic, which is a special path.”

Mäurer has been in the recent past again and again against the German football League and also against the interests of the island, such as the dispute over the additional police costs in the high-security games, or of the premature cancellation of the Bremen home game against Bayer Leverkusen at the start of the Corona-crisis. On the subject of training at the beginning Baumann of the Senator for the interior now feels “publicly humiliated”. The former Werder captain said: “football addiction here is different, the football, for solutions, there are, for example, in the construction industry.”