At the sites, the stock levels were high. In addition, the group made reference to “the recommendations of the respective governments, as well as requirements which have an impact on various phases of the total industrial production flow”.

In Bremen, rested production and Assembly of civil aircraft division of work since Monday until 27. April, the aerospace and defence group. In Stade, the break had already started on Sunday and lasts until 11. April. “In the weeks thereafter, it will not be working in some production departments, respectively, for the day,” it said. “Business critical activities” were but more. In Mobile, the production of the models A220, and A320 from this week going to and to 29. April exposed. Also there is some Work, but continued – “in Accordance with the applicable Hygiene – and-distance rules (Social Distancing)”, such as Airbus emphasized.

Previously, had suspended the company already temporarily the aircraft production in France and Spain and therefore also the production of new wing in the wing works in the UK and Germany throttled. Airbus had cancelled in the Wake of the Coronavirus, with the crisis in its forecast for the current year. In addition, the 2019 proposed a dividend of 1.80 Euro per share shall not be paid. With a new credit line of 15 billion euros, aims to secure Airbus for more liquidity.