Anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone, which the who called a breakthrough in the treatment of coronavirus, is likely to harm the health of the patient in the treatment of mild or prevention of the disease. This was told RIA Novosti Director of the Institute of pulmonology at the hospital Assuta Daniel Starobin.

“Yet here is a study — work in critically ill patients, it has shown effectiveness, but it does not say that steroids can be effective in milder forms of COVID-19. Moreover, I’m not talking about prevention. There must be a minus sign,” — said the doctor.

According to him, the action of steroids depresses the immune system, which can be dangerous in initial and milder forms of the coronavirus. Starobin explained that the disease may quickly move from mild to severe in those patients who take steroids.

However, the doctor warned that patients who are taking steroid medications on a regular basis for the treatment of chronic diseases, including oncological diseases, in any case should not stop taking them.

Earlier, Director General of the world health organization (who) tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus has announced the scientific breakthrough in the treatment COVID-19 with dexamethasone. He referred to clinical trials scientists from Oxford. According to their findings, the drug reduces the risk of death of infected that are connected to the ventilator or are on oxygen treatment.

The Ministry of health in April pointed out, among other recommendations for treatment of coronavirus, the use of dexamethasone.