Yujing Zhang (32) is on 30. March appeared in the entrance area of the US President, Donald trump’s private club Mar-a-Lago. The woman stated that she wanted to be admitted to the swimming pool and was. At the reception you said that you take a Chinese-American friendship meeting. Since such an event was not planned, and alerted an employee of the security service. Suspect: Zhang wanted to the Pool, but had no costumes (LOOK told).

As things turned out, had the woman instead about numerous other utensils. Including several mobile phones and a USB Stick with malicious software. How a court hearing revealed, came during a search of Zhang’s hotel room for more suspicious things to the fore, namely, a device to Locate hidden cameras, USB-Sticks, several Sim cards and $ 8,000 cash.

“she’s not lying accusing all of”

The woman was wearing at the time of their arrest, two Chinese passports, is currently officially the espionage. The competent investigating judge Rolando Garcia says, however: “she’s been lying to all of us.” There is in connection with the case, still a number of unanswered questions.

Connections to the USA, the woman says Garcia, according to the news page “nypost.com”. “All your contacts are in China.” According to the US authorities traveled Zhang on 28. March with a flight from Shanghai at the Newark airport in New Jersey in the United States.

Next week will be about the security Deposit

Zhang decided to unauthorized Intrusion and false statement is alleged to Federal officials. The Chinese woman is still in custody. Next week it will be decided about your Deposit.

Trump was at the time of Zhang’s unauthorized intrusion is also at the Mar-a-Lago. As it is, he should have been in another part of the system, to play Golf. (noo)