the Organizers starts saying that after a long break due to anti-epidemic measures, the results of the competition were completely unpredictable. But it absolutely was predictable the emotions of the participants: the longing for a real competition, the athletes (and there were more than forty) could not conceal the joyful smiles. High spirits reigned over the arena on both days of racing, good weather did not disappoint – it was hot in all senses!

the native ring performed well and the owners. In a team application Chrome Racing entered seven Nizhegorodtsev: Sergei Petrukovich, Ilya Vasilevsky, Andrey Malyshev, Mikhail Konov, Andrei Ilyin, Anastasia Belyakov and Vladimir Kartaev.

After racing correspondent “RG” talked with Alexander Vasilevsky: his son Ilya in the second stage was the winner of the Supersport Evo class. Last year he rode a motorcycle malacopteron Yamacha R3 in the class STK400 and became its champion. This year he transferred to 600-CC bike and moved to a new, higher class Supersport Evo.

on Friday at practice Ilya broke the bike: the motor broke down. Thanks to the efforts of the team for the morning race day was assembled by another, – says Alexander. On Saturday on training Ilya showed good pace and took the first position in his class. But after the start to hold the lead he has failed, and on the first lap ahead of its nearest rival Denis Kolpakov. After a few laps Ilya returned to its position, hold it until the end of the 17 laps of the race and became the winner of the Supersport Evo class.

Sunday qualifying Ilya was again first in his class. It is worth noting that the race in the Supersport Evo class took place in one race together with top-end Supersport class, so on the starting grid Ilya took the fourth position. After the start of the first turning he came on second place Supersport pilots tried to push him, but in his class, he still remained the leader up to the end of the race.

two residents of Nizhny Novgorod Andrey Ilyin in STK 600 and Andrei Malyshev in the class SSTK 600 – took second and third places respectively.

just a week before the starts, “Nizhny Novgorod ring” the Nizhny Novgorod branch of “the Russian newspaper” conducted an online meeting with the Directors of several sports organizations in the region. The main topic was the question of tolerance of their institutions to work. Discussed and losses for the quarantine period, new forms of work, perspectives and support.

Forced a three-month simple effect primarily on the physical form of athletes. “They are demolished,” said almost all the leaders.

– Let’s be honest: we all periodically need a shepherd. Otherwise, we will always find a reason to feel sorry for yourself, – said the Director of the school of Olympic reserve in Greco-Roman wrestling Igor Gunko. – Yes, online training is something, but without a living contact and competition in sports it is impossible to achieve high results. Canceled many competitions and Championships, so when the restrictions will be lifted, my boys are unlikely to show high results. Left clear (I hope temporarily), and sponsors, on whose money we spent extrabudgetary Championships.

the Director of the school of Olympic reserve on Sambo-wrestling Alexander Dunayev said that March-April is just the peak output on the sports form. And the abolition of the Championships seriously affected and will affect the condition of the wrestlers. In a series of losses and the “loss” of 700 people involved in the school on an extrabudgetary basis.

the Head of a private center of motor sports “Academy” Vladimir Karzai spoke about the loss of several million rubles due to the closure of go-karts and the prohibition of training on motorcycles.


In accordance with the amendments introduced to the decree of the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region dated March 13, 2020 No. 27 in the first stage of the removal of restrictions resumes sports organizations engaged in athletic training. Yet, up to the maximum number of simultaneous learners up to three people indoors and up to seven people in open areas subject to the distance of five feet, and the availability of personal protective equipment.