According to researchers from Germany, the antimalarial drug is not suitable for treatment of humans. Moreover, it poses a risk for patients with heart problems. As noted in the article, published in the journal Nature, “chloroquine is not a drug suitable for treatment of the infection of SARS-CoV-2”. It just doesn’t work, believe experts from the German Primate center göttingen and hospitals in Berlin and Bonn. They noted that previous studies showing a positive result, was conducted on human cells. As in many other experiments, we used cells of monkeys, but this time it was a mistake, because they do not have a specific enzyme. This means that chloroquine can not prevent the penetration of the virus in lung cells, the scientists concluded after his experiment.

Bolsonaro didn’t know that, but still recovered.

that he had contracted the coronavirus that became known July 7. Over the next almost 20 days, he worked remotely from his residence, the Alvorada Palace. During this time, he had three tests that confirm the presence of infection. And only the latter gave a negative result.

Earlier this week Bolsonaro stated that he feels “very good”, although “a little stunned by the fact that he was locked in a room.” However, the isolation he was treated with some disdain. The President of Brazil noticed riding around the Palace on a motorcycle without a helmet, and mask.

According to recent data, Brazil was 2.3 million cases of infection with mers have died more than 85 thousand people.