Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo published the results of a recent public opinion poll conducted by the Institute Datafolha. It turned out that 52 percent of the population negatively perceive the actions of the authorities, which remove restrictions on sales outlets, previously imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. Most of all opposed by women (58 per cent) and young people (61 percent).

Two-thirds of Brazilians believe that the situation with the coronavirus in the country deteriorates. This figure increases to 73 per cent in the South, where the city is already experiencing a second wave of closing out the trade.

to describe the epidemiological situation in Brazil in one word, here is the best suited definition of “opposite”. From different regions of the country come to completely opposite of the news.

In mid-June in the capital of Amazonas Manaus closed field hospital, which was opened in the midst of the pandemic in the region. It would seem that quite recently there came news of hundreds of deaths. But for the past two weeks as the situation there is under control of the authorities, cafes and restaurants.

on Monday of a field hospital at the stadium Pacaembu in Sao Paulo was discharged last two patients. The hospital decided to close. São Paulo gradually moving towards open trade. July 6 and here must earn bars and restaurants.

To maintain social distance in the largest metropolis in South America, the state government has introduced fines for appearing in public without a mask. Since July 1, the parole violator will have to pay a penalty of 500 reais, equivalent to the Russian currency is 6500 rubles. Ten times more paid the store for each such offender.

At the end of last week, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo has Krepela threatened that the municipal authorities will strengthen monitoring of wearing of masks in public places. Here for non-mask mode you will have to pay a penalty of 106 reais (about 1300 rubles) for the first violation and ten times repeated.

However, the biggest penalty awaits those who fundamentally refuses to wear a mask in the capital, Brasilia. Here it will cost 2,000 reais (26 million rubles).

However, it is worth noting that such a strict approach of local authorities to ensure the mask mode is justified economically justified by the necessity of easing of the quarantine restrictions and the gradual resumption of retail outlets, restaurants, hairdressers and fitness cents.

But quite different is the situation in other regions. In Brazil there is even a term “quarantine yo-yo” in honor of the famous worldwide toys. So, the capitals of three southern States returned to the quarantine measures because of the sharp rise in the incidence. With panadelinika in Belo Horizonte – the capital of the second largest population of the state of Minas Gerais in the South-East of the country – were closed all the stores except the grocery.

the same steps have been taken by municipal authorities in several cities of são Paulo state and some regions in the North-East of the country.

According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on 29 June, the last day in the country identified 24 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus, 692 people were killed. Only since the end of February, when were registered the first case of infection COVID-19 in Brazil, a new type of coronavirus was diagnosed in 1.37 million Brazilians, 58,3 thousand people were killed.