The women, the sex, too weak to stand in the way of Jair Bolsonaro ? The presidential candidate, misogynist and chauvinist assumed, was beautiful in taste, they will probably not be powerful enough to prevent it from becoming the next president Sunday, October 28. As a reminder, the fairer sex accounts for 52 % of the 147 million voters in Brazil.

It was launched at a mp that she was “too ugly” for it to ” viola “, a treaty, a journalist of” illiterate and dumb “and explained that, if he had given birth to a daughter after four boys, it was in a moment of” weakness “. After the first round, the ex-captain of the army began to dredge the “weaker sex” : selfies with groups of women or artists, video tender with his daughter Laura and, especially, the promise of a government fair to all.

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The movement of “Women united against Bolsonaro”

A week earlier, hundreds of thousands of women were swept under the slogan ” Ele Nao ! “(Not him) in 60 Brazilian cities, shouting their rejection of the visceral. Party of Bahia (North-East), the movement of “Women united against Bolsonaro” gathered 3.8 million members on Facebook at lightning speed. He seemed to even be able to cause whole sections of the civil society as a bulwark on the far right.

The counter-offensive of the bolsonaristes was not long in coming. After hacking the account Facebook, and the aggression of one of its administrators, they have tried to discredit the women walking, showing, for example, pictures of women naked and twined together in Australia 17 years ago as if it were of the women ” Ele Nao “. They have also organised counter-protests of ” Women for Bolsonaro “, while the pastors of the powerful evangelical churches sermonnaient the flock astray.

And the human tide of “Ele Nao” has not prevented Bolsonaro brush, October 7, an election in the first round with 46 % of the vote. “Nobody can say the impact has been the mobilization of women in this election,” said anthropologist Debora Diniz, founder of Anis, national institute for the defence of women’s rights in Latin America. “But it was a clear signal of the resistance that [the women] are going to oppose” to Bolsonaro.

“His conception of the family is that my great-grand-mother”

This first round revealed a splitting of the votes between women and men unusual in Brazil. For the second round, 58% of the men should vote for Bolsonaro and 42 % of women, according to a latest survey. But with “50 million votes” in the first round, “we can not say that women have not voted Bolsonaro,” notes Erika Campelo, co-chair of the site Other Brazil.

This catholic, apostle of the traditional family, and declared enemy of abortion, family planning and equal pay, thinks that any woman must be a mother. “We will not restart to the 60’s or 70 of the dictatorship, but towards the end of the Nineteenth century, says Debora Diniz. His conception of the family is that my great-grand-mother. “If Bolsonaro was elected,” continues the anthropologist, “after what he said for the past 27 years [of the deputation, it will ban abortion in all circumstances : even to save a woman’s life, in cases of rape or anencephaly” of the fetus.

“Arm the women” for their self-defense

Yet, Jair Bolsonaro can count on millions of Brazilian. Some have made a 180-degree turn, such as the ex-Femen Sara Winter, happy that he wants to “arm the women” for their self-defense, ” increase sentences for rapists and introduce chemical castration “. In his electorate, are “women of all social classes, but especially of the upper classes, upper middle classes,” said Erika Campelo. There are also these ” more vulnerable women with specific priorities “, such as the violence record in Brazil, who say : I am afraid to be killed if I go out from me, ” says Diniz. Then, Bolsonaro arrives with the voice of macho and said, ” I’ll protect you. “

Finally, vote for Bolsonaro these women who would in no circumstances their voice to Fernando Haddad of the workers Party (PT) of former left-wing president Lula, who was jailed for corruption. “For these women, vote anti-PT is much more important than all that Bolsonaro could say,” says Debora Diniz. Threatened, the community activist for the decriminalization of abortion in Brazil has lived under police protection since June. It receives ” now even more threats, with climate polarized by this election “.

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