Since the election campaign 2018 Air of Bolsonaro became famous around the world as a “tropical tramp”. This is the title of the President of Brazil diligently supports copying solutions trump for the Brazilian reality.

“the United States withdrew from the who, and we are exploring the opportunity to do so in the future. Or who work without ideological bias, or you’re out. We don’t need people there to give us stupid advice here with health care,” said Bolsonaro on Friday.

against this background, many Brazilian regions have begun the phased withdrawal of previously imposed restrictions, although the situation with coronavirus here continues to be challenging. According to the Ministry of health, in the last 24 hours in the country identified 31 thousand new cases of infection COVID-19, virus found at 1005 dead. For the entire period of a pandemic by the coronavirus in the country got more than 645 thousand people, more than 35 thousand Brazilians died. According to the rating of the Johns Hopkins University, the rate of mortality in Brazil this week ahead of Italy and took third place, leaving ahead only the United States and Britain.