Social media users are savaging large corporations that have taken advantage of Twitter’s year-end “describe the year in a word” prompt to promote themselves, mercilessly tearing into their self-aggrandizing “jokes.”

Twitter spawned a sprawling cringefest with a Thursday tweet asking users to describe “2020 in one word.” Many were eager to take out their frustrations on what has been an unusually awful year for pretty much everyone, but the shared catharsis was spoiled when the big brands got involved – many of which had had quite a good year indeed.

Perhaps trying to be ‘relatable,’ megacorporations like Netflix, Target and YouTube – all of which have made heaps of money amid the Covid-19 pandemic that made 2020 a nightmare for their customers – feigned sympathy.




But most people weren’t buying it.

I know Netflix is not talking after raising their prices and they barely have anything good

For God sake you can’t say..You get as much business, may be never before..So shut your mouth 🤫

Other brands didn’t even try to fake emotions, merely touting their own brand name (and getting savaged for that too).

Only 3 to 10 yo kids play roblox

Don’t order from Uber eats – they pretend to deliver abs don’t so you get no food no refund and they get rich – dodgy company – disgraceful

The cringe only increased when Israel attempted to crack a coronavirus joke.

Ratio’d by Palestine

Politics invariably got involved.



And even Twitter came in for a dragging over the unprecedentedly harsh censorship it has imposed over the course of the year.


Leftist Fascism being pushed, lead by Social Media.Sorry, I don’t follow rules.

With less than a month left until the end of 2020, many are counting down the days until the new year – though others have warned things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

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