Who wants children in the school are successful, you must ensure that you keep the “Lust for Learning”.The brain can not be trained like a muscle.What you want to learn, you must go under the skin.

could It be, quite simply, to teach children Knowledge, says the göttingen neurobiologist Gerald Hüther. Parents and teachers need to pay attention to only one thing: “We should not do everything, this particular treasure, namely, the desire to Learn, to be lost,” said huether, of the Austrian daily newspaper der Standard in an Interview.

Hüther has been working for years with the German school and its curriculum – not from the point of view of a teacher, as he himself stresses, but from the perspective of the brain scientist. As a neuro-biologist he knows: “in the brain in the long term, something can be anchored, have to what you want to learn to walk, under the skin.”

“fertilizer for the brain”

the reason for this neuro-biological processes are, the scientists have long been proven. It is only through the activation of emotional centers, certain mediators are released, as a result, the lessons learned will be anchored in the Form of newly-built networks. “The neuroplastic messengers that bring about these remodeling processes, act like fertilizer for the brain”, says the neurobiologist.

all This is happening in the school and Learning at home. There will instead, the brain is like a muscle through memorization and train again. The result is that It remains something barely hanging on. A few years after graduation most of the students know hardly anything of what they have learned once for testing. PDF help puberty! A child in puberty? Our PDF guide explains what’s happening with your child how you can prepare, and in critical situations, react properly.To the PDF guide

“educational ideal of the last century,”

“students should learn in school is mainly two things,” says huether: “How much joy it is, when it is revealed Knowledge, and that there is nothing Better to develop as a Knowledge of other people with whom I come in for a meeting.”

in Order to get the desire to Learn is maintained, would wish the brain that the schools are relying more on self-employment. Students should feel that you trust them a little, and the tasks in which they can grow. “All of this is, however, not provided for in our curriculum, because adhering to the ideal of education of the last century, the accumulation of Knowledge in the head.”

Playing the world

Not conducive for fun Learning, the high competitive pressure in the German schools often, so Hüther. This will favored by homogeneous compound classes. It would be better “if students are in age would be to learn mixed, mixed-age learning groups”. Because this was the “most effective learning model of Evolution,” says huether: When children discover each other playing the world.

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