the war of The roses finally seem to have an end! Since the 12th century. April 2019 are divorced Angelina Jolie (43) and Brad Pitt (55), officially. Nevertheless, there are, according to Hollywood insiders to clarify a few things. Above all, the custody of the children concern is still for discussion. Since the split, Jolie has sole custody, Pitt is allowed to see his children only under certain conditions.

The actor wants to get from the court but not necessarily more time with his children awarded. Therefore, the Superstar now brings some of the victims. Because instead of spending the summer with filming, and thus his career, he should focus, according to “Radar Online” based entirely on his role as a father.

“It is for him a blessing,”

Actually, Pitt should have been starting in June for “World war Z 2” in front of the camera. The preparations for the Action movie were now in the Sand, comes to the actor according to an Insider. “There was a time when it would not be Brad is not imagine to make this movie,” says the anonymous source. “But now he’s trying to take advantage of this opportunity, particularly his relationship with his two sons Maddox and Pax. For him it is a blessing.”

While Jolie “a whole load” have assumed new roles, will Pitt do exactly the opposite. “Brad sees it as an opportunity to shift down a gear and to be the father he always wanted to be.” His Ex-wife turned up recently in the Disney Blockbuster “Maleficient 2”. In addition, you should prepare currently with “The Eternals” on their first appearance in the universe of Marvel super heroes, and three smaller films in the Pipeline. Pitts schedule is, but according to the already wacky “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” from Star Director Quentin Tarantino (56) is completely empty. (klm)