Brack (47) could afford to do nothing. Because, he has. By the Online sales platform founded, built, and for years led. But Brack and doing nothing, it doesn’t fit.

in the spring of 2019, he had been looking for a new challenge. And in the TV industry: As an Investor, he evaluated Business ideas in the Swiss edition of the program “den of lions”. He now has enough, but not from the television.

Therefore, you will see a brackish well in the middle of October over the focusing screen flicker. Not more than a critical observer of the Start-ups. But turnend, struggling, and suffering – as a fighter in the second season of the obstacle course show Ninja Warriors Switzerland of the private channel TV24.

“I can do ten chin-UPS”

To VIEW chats Brack from the school: “It was a childhood dream come true to do an agility course.” As the request came from the Sender, he must not think for a long time. “I was immediately and do not regret the step.” In addition, it’s going on a celebrity Special for charity. For each conquered obstacle, the candidates have to collect the money. This will then be donated to the Laureus Foundation Switzerland, a Foundation that promotes sports in Swiss children.

Brack has Trained for the Show like a maniac. Five weeks long. Because admittedly, sports was a priority for him in the last time, no. So he lifted weights, rounds Jogging, and made the hull bow. Even in his holiday to Ibiza. With Success. “I can do at least ten pull-UPS, it’s no more than two,” he says proudly. This is also the merit of his specially dedicated fitness trainer. “You brought me continually to my limits,” says Brack.

Some celebrities have made

the show was Recorded already in August. But Brack was far from the only celebrities at the Start. Well-known people from business, politics or sports with made. About the FDP-politician Andri silver Schmidt (25), Ex-Mister Switzerland Renzo Blumenthal (42) or a Pro-gymnast, Pablo Brägger (26). All of them were struggling through the course, the dexterity, Balance, and power to decide. “Because of the many top athletes in the field, my ambitions were modest,” said Brack.

But that was not all. Shortly before the Start of his hopes suffered a further shock. “The obstacles are, in reality, significantly larger and higher than it looks on TV,” says the entrepreneur. “Because I’m scared of a visit really.” Mastered he has the course yet. Despite the lofty highs and strong competition. Brack: “I’m happy with me and proud of me.”

“Who knows, maybe I’ll be a Bachelor”

The television business has done to him. He will now start in the television industry, a second career? He will throw in the future, even as the new Bachelor with roses around? “A surprise,” says Brack and grins.

joy and Fun on TV or. The 47-Year-old knows where he belongs. In the economy, and not in the longer term, on the matte screen. “My Mission is to encourage and remains, Start-ups and companies,” he explains.

all The better if this can be with one or the other TV appearance connect.