Size In some quetschts, in others it is not filled in correctly: Approximately every second woman is wearing a wrong bra. You will not find even so wild? If the Laundry is not properly seated, it can bring some side effects. The wrong Size can neck, back and headache lead! The reason is that the weight of the upper is not wide spread optimally and neck and back have to bear a greater burden.

Do your body Good and you take the time to determine the correct bra Size. With the following tips this is child’s play.

to measure your Size

pinches in order your next bra, you need to determine only two things: a bra-Size and breast shape. The former is easy with the help of a measuring tape.

will anyone Who is unsure, and to determine the Cup size, even at home, is in the business of a professional person for advice. In virtually all of the underwear shops is offered for free.

preparing Everything you need for the dimensions of their Size, is a soft tape Measure. A meter stick or a harder tape are not suitable. Make sure that you stand up during the whole dimension upright and breathe regularly. To keep you on the air! The Measure you Put in front of a mirror and place the tape Measure directly below the chest. Around wrap it relaxes the upper body. In a first step, determine the under-bust size – the Size is the number before the letters of each bra.Next, measure the Upper bust: , which is specified as a letter. To determine the Cup size. Place the tape Measure at the level of your nipple to the torso. You press the nipple, although a bit flat, but not pay attention to the fact that the Band is too tight or too loose. Important: The measuring tape should lie on the back at the same height as the front. Then you can determine in a bra size chart for your correct Size. What Size could fit?

you have discovered the business of your dream bra, but the right Size there? Also for this Problem a solution can be found. It’s called the cross – or neighbour size. This means that just as the next largest or smallest Size is determined. You, for example, wear a 75C, then their cross-size is 70D either or 80B.

But beware: Depending on the bra and the Person can have the consequence that the bra fits properly. You pay attention so closely on the fit.

7 different breast types

No chest is like the other! Since there are different types, it is also important to make sure to find the right bra shape.

round Boobs

especially round shape, uniform volume of both on-the-chest approach, as well as in the lower breast area, taut and close-fitting at the torso.

This type of breast can actually wear any bra Form. The chest needs just a little support and no shape. Also Triangle and Soft Bras are good.

outward-facing Breasts

The Breasts are inclined to the outside, to the left and to the right, and the nipples sit rather to the side.

make Sure that your bra on the side bracket reinforced and a solid Material. So the Breasts are pushed together towards the center. Also should the side be no rubbing seams, as this would push very uncomfortable on the sensitive Spots. A T-Shirt-bras or Cup bras can be very comfortable.

Elongated Breasts

narrow, more elongated than wide, nipples are a little further down, a little more bulky and small.

A Push-up bra is suitable for this type of breast very well. He leaves oblong Breasts instantly look fuller and pushes you to the top. You are blessed, but rather with larger, elongated brushes, then you should make sure that your bra has wide straps and a wide, supportive underbust band.

Asymmetrical Breasts

One breast is bigger than the other.

To be clear: No breast is perfect and totally balanced – which is quite natural. For many ladies, it is that one breast is slightly larger than the other. This difference is usually hardly noticeable. The is a chest but it was clearly larger than the other, so the can be with the right bra concealed. Particularly good models are with removable Pads, as these will be removed on the side of the larger breast and to the side of the smaller breast can be inserted. So the difference in Size is easily adjusted!

teardrop-shaped Breasts

towards the bottom more voluminous, above the Breasts are narrow, and the nipples are in the center.

women with larger Breasts often tend to be of this Form. For you, it is not difficult to find the right bra shape. Recommended strap brassieres with or without the shell. Depending on how large the breast is, can this type of breast also to sporty models with no upholstery, Bustiers or Balconette Bras.

bell-shaped Breasts,

is similar to the form of drops, chest approach here, but narrow, and the chest really only the bottom bulky.

in Most cases, women with large Breasts of this type, therefore, this chest takes the form of optimum Stop. The Cups should not necessarily be large enough to cut the breast out can sources. So enough support is there, should be the strap a little wider. Bras with Cup, Minimizer-models, as well as sports Bras are suitable for bell-shaped Breasts.

Flat Breasts

rather small, slender, and a little more voluminous breast.

This type of breast needs no support and therefore no form of Ironing and co.! You can unabashedly grab unwattierten Bras and Bralettes, they flatter your breast especially well. Very nice Triangle bra made of lace with a plunging neckline. Such lengthened the torso visually, and makes the breast bigger work. With Push-ups, this objective can of course also be achieved.

The headquarters of the BHs

check you are not quite sure whether the bra also has the right Size? The perfect-fitting bra relieves the back, shaping the breast optimally and supports him. Check the following points and find out whether or not your bra fits.

So the should be band under the bust front and back, on the back at the same height. It is also important that the Central web abuts the front is perfect and not between the Breasts protrudes. The carrier should not cut and loose. If the Cups fit perfectly, you can see if the brackets enclose the Breasts completely. The cups should not cut into in addition, and tight seats.