For mother Emma W.* (48) were the worst seconds of her life: she sits in the lift on the chair, clutching with the right Hand, the blue hood of the snowsuit her son, Akemi* (7). The Bub is hanging several meters above the slopes. He gets no more air, blue in the face. Emma W. has to let go of your child, Akemi falls to seven meters in depth.

The dramatic scenes took place on Friday afternoon at the ski resort Bödele (Ö). The Boy was injured in a fall and had to be supervised for several days in the hospital (LOOK told). “We are ever since the accident, completely finished,” says father Julian W.* (52) to a VIEW.

when getting in the car there was problems

The family from Frankfurt (D) spent a week in the Austrian ski resort. It happened before the last descent, which would make Emma W. with twins after about a week of skiing. Father Julian W. talking on the phone for his wife, who is still under shock: “as they got on the chair lift, there were problems. My son couldn’t sit.”

The chair will not be slowed down at the start, to be routed at high speed to the curve at the Station. To take in order to properly place and to close the strap leaves little time for children particularly difficult. “Akemi slipped right at the beginning from the seat. My wife grip him under the arms, and cried with a loud voice “Stop” – but no one heard you,” says the father.

The ski lift is hovering in the height, Akemi slips deeper and deeper, the mother can hold him, finally, only on the hood. By train to the hood, the collar of the Skianzugs pressed in the neck of the boy. Julian W.: “When she saw that he was blue in the face, it was clear: He’s choking, if she doesn’t drop it. My wife had to let him go, otherwise he would be choked.” The fall saved his son’s life.

“I felt so helpless”

was A Skier, joined directly to the scene of the accident, Doctor. After the initial supply of the helicopter flew him to the hospital. There, Doctors noted: in addition to ligature marks around the neck and bruising in the eyes of the Boy had no serious injuries. Nevertheless, he had to stay for Monitoring for three days.

Julian W. woke up in the hospital bed, his son: “I felt so helpless.” Because he couldn’t stand it, he visited the ski lift on Sunday as the Accident. “I was horrified when I saw that there is nothing. This Lift is dangerous to the public,” he says.

by the end of January 2014, a girl (9) from Switzerland crashed during the travel from the same ski lift. She, too, had problems when Boarding and could not close the bracket properly. The nine-year-old slipped from the seat. The father held her still by the Hand, until he had no strength. When you fall from the chair, she was badly hurt.

Lift the soon-to-twenty

Julian W. has asked the operator of the ski lift to the Declaration. Walter Baer of the Dornbirner cable cars insured: “The chair lift system is reviewed annually in accordance with the applicable safety standards.”

While the entry is faster than in the case of lifts, the can coupling your armchair: “But when the plant was built in the year 2000, would have been a detachable Lift is too expensive,” explains Baer. For this you have to the outer, a child safety Seats. “The Boy sat down but on the secured seat,” said the operator.

the family W. is now back in Germany. The parents of the incident not from the head. “I can’t think of anything else at present,” says Julian W. To a statement from the ski lift operator, he is still waiting in vain.

* the Name has been changed