At 9. In June, the former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury after 31 months of his Comeback in the Ring. Of The (Building)Opponent: Burgdorfer Sefer Seferi. After four rounds the thing in Manchester is by, Seferi has to give up. Fury says to the casual fight: “Now I go home and eat a Pizza.”

What is the British don’t know there, however. It’s sad news. His wife, Paris suffers before the fight, a miscarriage, told her husband nothing of it to him not to distract.

“Our hearts were broken”

“I was about eight weeks pregnant. On the day of the fight I knew I lost the Baby,” she reveals to the “Sunday Mirror”. The Morning after the Fight there in the hospital for the confirmation. “Our hearts were broken,” the wife of the “Gypsy King”.

Long tribulation is blown at the home of Fury. Only five weeks later, Paris is again pregnant, this Time, everything is going according to Plan. In March, the family is expecting their fifth offspring.