The English capital city of London is literally hit by a wave of violence. There are knife attacks in the third largest city in Europe. The Offenders? Mostly young people involved in Gang structures. In the program “Good Morning Britain” on the “ITV” will be discussed on the topic. As a guest Star-Box is switched on, legend, Mike Tyson, the 52-Year-old revealed a dark secret of his past.

Mike Tyson put himself deep in the gear sump, before he had found in the boxes a perspective in life. “Iron Mike” was in its first 13 years of life 38 Times (!) arrested. “I’ve been thinking about killing people. Human life meant nothing to me,” confesses the former Boxer.

“I was exactly note same as these Kids (in London. d. Red.). I was in Gangs, had pistols, I’ve shot people, been shot at and all that stuff,” he says in the British TV show.


“The only reason why I was hired back then was because I had no hope for a better life. Then I started Boxing and a perspective.”

sports, as a perspective. A story like from a fairy tale – almost.

However, Tyson has vest a white. During his Boxing career he has to take the column several times before the court. In 1992, he is convicted for the rape of then-18-year-old Desiree Washington, to six years in prison. At the end, he sits for three years and the rest of the time on parole on free foot. (jsl)