the Zeppelin has acquired Bowers & Wilkins world popularity. The English manufacturer has received a lot of praise for the combination of Design and High-End Audio.

Now there’s a successor, which reminds optically of them to the predecessor. Except that Bowers & Wilkins has found a great, eye-catching yet timeless Design for be audio flagship. Wedge is the name of the speaker, in English, this means “wedge”.

in fact, the optic is wedge-shaped, but it also looks like a piece of Cake or a quarter of a UFO. What is striking is the honeycomb lattice, and the noble, slightly shimmering fabric cover are. And Yes, like the Zeppelin, you can also place the Wedge well in the middle of the room on a column, and each guest will admiringly ask what it was.

The speakers inside, two tweeters, two midrange drivers and a Subwoofer for each area, each with 80 watts of music power, plug. And that is absolutely enough to play a whole living room, as soon as the Installation shows.

Easy operation and multi-room functionality

The Wedge is very focused on wireless music transmission. With the associated App, the Box within a Minute of touchdown. Depending on the source, you can retrieve the music via Airplay, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth.

Who does not want to connect the Wedge over the wifi, you can connect it directly via cable to the network. But a wireless connection makes a lot of sense, because you can make use of the various services, around the whole of the area of Multiroom.

This is in addition to the sound, the greatest thickness of the Wedge. He is in a System of loudspeakers to integrate, this is called in the case of Bowers & Wilkins “Formation”. There are in addition to the tested Wedge a Soundbar for the TV, speakers-Duo, a Subwoofer and a connection for the existing stereo system.

So good, no other System sounds in this Size

In the Test, however, the sound is in the foreground. And is actually excellent. Amazing how sick the Bass in this size sounds like a very Deep well in a larger living space, easy to carry.

crushed, But still, the Sound never fine sounds. Such a balanced sound image is obtained otherwise only with a High-End stereo system. Well, the Touch controls like on the upper side of the Wedge, if you quickly stop the music or lower the volume wants to screw. The buttons are displayed only when the Sensor detects that it approaches the device. Send made.

Bowers & Wilkins puts the focus clearly on the sound, the Design and the ease-of-use. And confident in all three areas fully. Therefore, the price of 1150 Swiss francs, is justified. However, Depending on your own preferences a of connection options are missing. In addition, Android Users without a Spotify subscription to Multiroom have to do without functions.