In Bottrop in Germany’s Ruhr area has tried to be a man (50) in the new year’s eve night, to run over several people. The drivers raced in several Places on Partying.

First, his attack was considered a man at the Easter field road in Bottrop. This could save. “Then the food coming drivers with his silver-colored Mercedes moved more in the direction of the Bottrop city,” police wrote. At the Berlin court, he headed a group, the left out there celebrated the new year. At least four people, including Syrian and Afghan nationals, were injured.

policeman speaks of human hunting

The attackers were apparently targeted and full of intention: A police officer compared the rampage journey with a “human hunt”, the Bild newspaper writes.

Subsequently, the 50-Year-old had fled to the South in the direction of his home city of Essen. There he tried once more to drive targeted a group of people standing at a bus stop. Happened as if by a miracle, nothing. “Maybe people are running away, maybe that didn’t work out for other reasons. To clarify All of this, it is now our task,” said a police spokeswoman. An eye witness reported that the car was moving relatively slowly and thus still relatively many people in security have can.

Xenophobic Statements

“The investigating authorities are currently targeted attack”, Prosecutor’s office and police on Tuesday. The amok driver was arrested. “Already at the time of his arrest, the driver responded with xenophobic remarks.” The investigators have information “first, information about a mental illness of the driver”. To the nationality of the food stem 50-Year-old you made.

memories of the attack in Münster

The case in Bottrop brings back memories of the rampage travel in the city centre of Münster in the last April. A man raced at the time, on a Sunny spring day with a van on a busy square. There were four Dead, more than 20 people were injured. Subsequently, the perpetrators shot and killed in the car itself.

The 48-year-old on a rampage driver was according to the police, a mentally unstable German, who investigated the death. A terrorist Background, it was not according to the investigation in Münster. (/SDA)