After losing the Champions League final, former Liverpool star Danny Murphy sees weaknesses in the team that transfers should address.

Need for improvement: Danny Murphy (45), former Liverpool midfielder, sees bottlenecks in the squad of the Champions League finalists, as the “Liverpool Echo” reports. According to this, transfers are particularly necessary in central midfield.

Englishman wanted: For Murphy, Klopp should primarily build on Premier League experience: “You should do everything you can to get Declan Rice (23, West Ham United) or Kalvin Phillips (26, Leeds United). They are English, young, would stay longer, have depth in their game.”

Prone to injury: In particular, the expiring contracts of Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but also the age of Jordan Henderson (31) makes Murphy think: “You can’t ask Jordan to play 50 games, he’s over 30 now. The injury susceptibility of Thiago and Fabinho makes him skeptical.

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