The notes, which on Tuesday published the third Monitoring study for air travel. The study was written on behalf of the Federal office for civil aviation (Foca), the Association of the Swiss aviation and aerospace, Aerosuisse, the Skyguide air – traffic control, the airline Swiss and the Swiss International Airports Association.

thanks to the strong international integration of the Swiss economy and the high economic strength of the Swiss residential population of flies was significantly more than those of some neighboring States. While in Germany there are approximately 1.6 airline trips per year taken, for example, in Germany, with 0.8 only half as many.

The passenger growth in Switzerland is also risen, according to the report, from 2010 to 2017 to nearly 40 percent. The sustained air traffic growth in Switzerland will also continue in the future, the authors of the study. A dampening effect would, however, develop the limited capacity at the airports of Zurich and Geneva.

The report speaks of a deprivation of Zurich as a Hub site as a result of shortages in relation to the runway system. Given the many development of European and non-European airports and the growth in traffic, this would always be serious. The airport Zurich, for example, in comparison with competing European airports, the most restrictive night flight restrictions.

Presenting demands in a message from Tuesday for a better environment. In particular, at the airport of Zurich, the Start – and landing capacity on the Day and at lunch time largely exhausted. This prevents the deployment of additional aircraft in Zurich.

The industry Association calls for a clear political Signal from the Federal government and the Canton concerned governments for the Swiss aviation. The national airport infrastructure and the operating rules would need to be optimized.

The Swiss aviation has been Presenting over 190’000 jobs and an annual added value of over 33.5 billion Swiss francs. (zas/SDA)