The advantages of the buzzing two-wheelers are obvious: Instead of sweating in the office or at the restaurant to arrive, cruising on a E-Bike steep hills relaxed. Meanwhile, more than one out of every four sold bike electric is supported – and the trend is rising.

E-Bike-accidents more than tripled

But the Trend has downsides: Since the E-Bike accidents in 2011, of the Swiss Advisory Agency for accident prevention (BfU) are recognised separately, eight of the their number more than tripled. But not only the pure number of accidents has increased: per Kilometer driven, there are electric are more serious accidents than with muscle power.

braking power significantly higher

technology giant, Bosch intends to counteract this Trend and has now launched the first ABS (anti-lock braking system) electric bicycles. “The braking power of E-Bikes has increased in recent years, thanks to disc brakes,” says Claus Fleischer, Director of Bosch E-Bike system: “By the ABS for better control of this braking force comes to now; especially in moments in which the driver must respond quickly.”

Up to a third less accidents

That ABS can prevent accidents, shows its introduction in Motorbikes: According to the German ADAC automobile club ABS on a motorcycle, every fifth accident, including up to 45 percent can be used to prevent single accidents. The E-Bike a similar development is, according to Bosch accident research are conceivable: according to A study, about a third of the E-Bike could crash prevent. Also, the Aaib confirmed after a Test that ABS “in particular, the security of the E-Bike rider to increase the inside and the driver in the Trekking-and City”.

the ABS

wrong braking behavior works and plays, according to Bosch a Central role. Many cyclists neglect when braking, the front wheel brakes, which have a much higher braking effect is achieved as the rear brake: the fear of a fall. Thanks to ABS, the likelihood would be minimised, that the front slips or the rear wheel. In this way the risk of overlapping is subject and reduced Falls, particularly in the wet.

“When the front wheel ABS Wheel speed Sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. As soon as the front wheel threatens to block, regulates our ABS, the brake pressure and optimizes driving stability and steerability of the E-Bikes,” explains Fleischer. Interested in the System at this year’s Urban Bike Festival (29 may. to 31. March 2019) to try in Zurich.