Borisov have surprised fans of the strange dance

Did not pass the rating of a TV show about This terrible disease, which is still a couple of days ago I was laying in bed and coughed in her blog appeared an unusual video. Disheveled Borisov with imperfect make-up danced to the hit group Little Big. So she decided to support subscribers that are sitting in quarantine, and to raise their spirits. However, the dance is not Given to everyone liked. Commentators began vying with one another to pity a woman and suggest that she not danced sober because constantly staggered and held onto the wall.

“are You drunk, or just not pliable and does not know how to dance?”, “Danochka that for vulgarity?! Something pins? Rolls go stale, or mushrooms Dutch?”, “Mother, what are you stoned again?” — rained the message under the video.

I’m not megapolitana, as Volochkova, — were unable to justify the former TV presenter. — Dancing as best they can. Dancing had never worked. The main fighting mood and smiling!


Dana has promised to block anyone who would insult her and assured that only a day ago passed the test for 10 types of drugs and proved that sober.

The fans tried to support her and shamed those who leave negative reviews. In their view, to shame a celebrity for what she is not dancing — is low and despicable.

“Dance, Dana, it’s right yours.” — encouraged Borisov fans.