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– I can not thanks them enough, I owe them my life, called it in the first official statement from the prime minister after he was admitted to the hospital with covid-19.

Johnson (55) tested in the end of march, positive in the koronasmitte. The 5. april he was transferred to the intensive care unit at St. Thomas hospital in London after suffering breathing problems. Health was then rapidly deteriorated.

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Boris Johnson is photographed 3. april, while he was still sick, but before he was admitted to the hospital.

Photo: AFP

the Prime minister has, according to his spokesman had added oxygen to be able to breathe better, but it has not been necessary with respiratorbehandling.

on good Friday, it was reported that the prime minister was on the mend.

Now commend the british prime minister “the exemplary treatment” he received at the hospital.

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interior minister Priti Patel said during the government’s daily oppdateringsmøte the evening of easter Sunday that Johnson needs time to rest and get your strength back.

He should, according to the advocates of the government apparatus being able to take short walks in the sykehusgangene, and are in good spirits.

two days ago said Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, that the son must take the time to help.

– I doubt that one can go from this and right back to Downing Street to continue where you left off without having to spend time on to recover, ” said Stanley Johnson to the BBC.

It is from the officially hold not given any timeframe about when the prime minister will be healthy enough to resume the work of the prime minister. But there is probably more to talk about weeks than days, according to political commentators.

Foreign minister Dominic Raab will thus continue to lead the government, and will probably be the one who must make the decision about when the british community to ease the strict measures that were eventually adopted – to return to a certain normality.

Several countries in Europe have begun to look to the future and considering when they should soften the strict restrictions that now apply.

917 deaths the last day

The last day it is registered 917 deaths as a result of the covid-19 in the united Kingdom. Dødstallet is somewhat lower than what was announced on Friday, where it was reported about 980 died.

The total dødstallet in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is thus 9.875, registered late Friday afternoon local time.

Numbers apply only to the registered deaths at the hospital, and the real dødstallet is in all probability higher.

The british ministry of health reports that it is registered 78.991 infections, an increase of 5.234 from the day before. But it is only the sick, and selected at-risk groups in addition to health care worker being tested.

the Leader of the british health care system, Stephen Powis, says that the number of koronasyke who need hospital treatment seems to be starting to stabilize.

He says that if people comply with the rules of social distancing, one can expect to see a decline in the number of deaths and infected in the next week.

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