the Coughing would not stop, and he continued to have fever.

for a long time was Britain’s prime minister find it difficult to acknowledge that he was seriously ill.

Even after he was tested positive for the dreaded disease, he continued to work around the clock.

But after the 10-day battle against the coronavirussen had even the man who believes that the disease is for the weak, bow to the doctor’s words and allow themselves to admit.

According to the newspaper the Daily Mail had Boris Johnson on Sunday a video consultation with her doctor, who immediately could see that it was completely wrong with the pale and coughing Johnson.

“One must not underestimate the macho-culture of the political elite in Westminster (regeringsområdet in London, red.). Boris does not want to seem weak,” says a source close to the prime minister to the newspaper.

As the first head of government in the world announced Boris Johnson, 27. march, that he was infected with the coronavirus. Since then, the 55-year-old prime minister has been isolated in its embedsbolig in Downing Street.

on Friday, he announced that he still had the high fever, but otherwise had only mild symptoms of the disease.

In the beginning tried Downing Street to play down the gravity.

As the prime minister Sunday, was admitted to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London said that Boris Johnson should have made a number of tests, and that admission was done in order to prevent statslederens condition was worse.

on Monday night, it came so forward that Johnson had been moved to the hospital’s intensive care unit because he had problems with breathing.

the prime minister was conscious and not put into the respirator, called it.

the Journalists on the Daily Mail notes especially knowing that the prime minister was taken to the hospital by his drivers on Sunday evening at 20.00.

At the same time kept the queen Elizabeth his speech to the nation in order to instill them with hope in the midst of crisis.

A speech which Johnson had been deeply involved in.

It was also apparently the first to the very end, when he barely could breathe, that the prime minister realized that it did not go longer.

Isolated in Downing Street, he was the last to work.

however, It was not just Boris Johnson’s doctor, who could see for myself that it was completely mad.

Also his regeringskolleger surmised boldly, as earlier in the day on Sunday held a video meeting with the prime minister.

It was clear to everyone that Johnson had it bad, but he insisted anyway on continue to stand in the forefront of the country.

Now wondering more on whether Boris Johnson zeal in spite of the disease may have been instrumental in helping to make it worse.

“It is admirable that he would continue to work, and still be in front and be sure that he was inside of any decision. But in the end it has not done much for his health. He will have to give in to the virus and the rest,” says a source to Daily Mail.

foreign Minister Dominic Raab standing on premierministerposten, as long as Johnson is in the hospital.

Boris Johnson, usually stay together with her boyfriend, the 32-year-old Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

She has even had the symptoms of the corona virus, but has not been tested for the infection.

According to british media, the pair is temporary moved each to its due to the disease, and because of the risk of infection can Carrie Symonds’t be at Johnson’s side while he fights for his health.