Boris Johnson wants to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to give the green light to the project the construction of a bridge linking Scotland with Northern Ireland, writes Business Insider.

Earlier, British Prime Minister called the construction of the bridge “very good” idea, despite warnings about its high cost and unexploded bombs remaining in the sea since the Second world war.

Now, Johnson has instructed officials to consider how the project can be implemented, and is awaiting a formal assessment of how it is implemented.

the project Cost is estimated at about 20 billion pounds (25.9 billion dollars). However, costs may increase due to the need for connecting infrastructure on both sides of the bridge.

the Shipping chamber of Commerce said that while it welcomes “any initiative aimed at improving trade and tourism ties,” the construction of the bridge across the North sea is not necessary.

“Already there are a number of ferry operators, which serve tourists and trade between Northern Ireland and Scotland,” explained a press-the Secretary of Commerce.