the Uk bans all gatherings of two people, exempt people who live together.

It says the prime minister, Boris Johnson, on Monday night, according to Reuters.

Thus follows the Uk after Germany, which introduced similar measures Sunday.

Earlier, Boris Johnson and his conservative government received criticism for acting too slowly in the fight against coronavirus.

But Monday night, Johnson presented a number of further actions, including forsamlingsforbuddet.

the Measures shall apply provisionally to three weeks. They can be relaxed, if they show a fast effect. Another measure is the introduction of the curfew.

“From tonight I must give the british people a very simple instruction. I shall be at home,” says Johnson in a speech on tv to the nation, according to Reuters.

It means that britons are only allowed to leave their homes to buy essential goods and medicine, exercising, and travel to and from work. People should, as far as it is possible to work from home.

“That’s all. These are the only reasons to leave your home.”

“If you don’t follow the rules, police have the power to enforce them, including penalties and dissolve the assemblies,” says Boris Johnson, according to Reuters.

the Uk shuts down all shops that do not sell essential goods. It applies, for example, a clothing store, while also libraries, playgrounds, outdoor motionssteder and churches closed.

Forsamlingsforbuddet also applies to baptism and weddings, but not funerals.

Johnson call coronaudbruddet for “the greatest threat the country has faced in decades.” He adds that the healthcare system in the country can not handle the outbreak if it continues at the same pace as now in the Uk.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which follows coronasituationen close, 6724 persons found infected in the Uk.

335 persons infected with the coronavirus in the country have lost their lives.