It is hard to find words that can express my gratitude to those who saved my life, says Johnson.

Britain’s prime minister, 55-year-old Boris Johnson, says that “it could have gone both ways”, when he was hospitalized in intensive care with coronaviruses.

He says that the doctors saved his life.

– It is difficult to find words that can express my gratitude to those who saved my life, he writes on Twitter.

Johnson’s office said in a statement that the prime minister will continue to keep a break from his office.

On the basis of advice from the doctors the prime minister will not immediately return to work. He would like to thank all at St. Thomas for the fantastic treatment he has received, says a spokesman.

There have not been many official comments about how seriously ill Johnson was, when he was hospitalized.

But the prime minister’s pregnant fiance, Carrie Symonds, says Sunday that there have been situations in the past week, where “it has seen very dark out”.

Boris Johnson calls in his statements on Sunday the british to continue to keep themselves at a distance from each other – even if it is easter, and the weather is good.

– We are making progress in this national struggle, he says further.

Britain’s foreign minister, 46-year-old Dominic Raab, standing temporarily on premierministerposten, while Johnson is out with illness.

Johnson announced in a video on Twitter on 27. march that he had tested positive for the corona virus and had mild symptoms.

a week later – the 5. april was the prime minister admitted to hospital after experiencing persistent symptoms.

the Day after Johnson moved to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

According to The Times newspaper had the prime minister in the periods find it difficult to breathe, and he was, therefore, oxygen. Johnson left the intensive care unit for four days, Thursday 9. april.

A number of leaders around the world over the last few days, sent thoughts to the coronaramte prime minister.

Among them was also the Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen.

– Very sad to hear about prime minister Boris Johnson in the intensive care unit. Wish you a quick recovery. Warmest greetings MF, wrote the prime minister’s office in a tweet, after Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit.

the Uk is quite hard hit by the coronavirus.

nearly 10,000 coronasmittede people have lost their lives in the Uk. It is only surpassed by the UNITED states, Italy, Spain and France.