Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, is hospitalized in the intensive care unit with Covid-19.

Boris Johnson was already in a hospital in London with Covid-19, but he has Monday been moved to the intensive care unit.

It informs his office in Downing Street on Monday evening according to the tv station BBC.

“In the course of the afternoon today deteriorated to the prime minister’s condition. Following the advice of his doctors he moved to the hospital’s intensive care unit,” informs Downing Street.

Infected ten days ago

foreign Minister Dominic Raab standing on premierministerposten, as long as Johnson is in the hospital, sounds in the message.

Johnson was tested positive to the infection with corona virus for ten days ago. At the time, informed his staff that he had mild symptoms.

on Sunday he was brought to St. Thomas hospital in London, where doctors now have transferred him to the intensive care unit.

His office in Downing Street said on Sunday that there was talk about an emergency admission, but to Johnson’s own doctor had meant, that it was best that he was hospitalized to take more tests.