Some of the songs from the album “Sign of fire” is already well known, in particular, “get Out of Babylon” or “Masala Dosa”. BG posted them on the Internet, in the framework of its project “Offering an interesting time.” He started it this spring, being in isolation in London. Sang to an acoustic guitar, filmed Amateur video and free published on YouTube. Was there and his classic tracks, like “The one I love” or “what can we do with a drunken sailor,” and rarely performed live. Sang BG and quite new. In particular, just – “get Out of Babylon” and “Masala Dosa” (published under the number “44” for the project code).

the new album contains 13 songs, according to the musician, they are his “reaction to what is happening, so there’s nothing social, everything is just personal.”

this work on the disk lasted seven years, and the rest of the album written recently, in 2019-2020.

And another new song, written this spring – “don’t marry the door” in this album BG not included.

Perhaps the musician decided to leave her in ending the time of isolation, which she, with his usual irony and dedicated. But, it is possible that BG got for her latest disc “Aquarium”, on which work is still ongoing.