terror moments yesterday in the show “Wonderland special”: Oshkosh, the knufflige small dog by Nik Hartmann (46), was disappeared without a trace. Just gone and gone! The presenter has just left the funicular railway to Glarus village of Braunwald, as Oshkosh hikers follows – as it is wont to do, a shepherd’s dog sometimes. The viewers are relieved when Hartmann can cuddle Oshkosh later. The dog ran right up the mountain.

Dungarees in the shot

Nik, and Oshkosh (as a Bib) is called – this is a great love. But the current Trip is HART’s longest hike – and also for the seven-year-old female dog hard food. During 30 days the two lay back on the legendary Via Alpina across Switzerland 390 miles and cross over 14 Alpine passes. On the way from Vaduz to Montreux, VD, it is to be overcome with 24’000 metres in height. Even Hartmann has to bite.

Oshkosh has enough rest breaks

“Oshkosh on the route to Montreux, probably triple, because he always tries the whole Crew together,” explains Hartmann. The trek for the small dog is not a bit too tiring? “The First report already, we would expect the dog to much,” says Hartmann. “But we view that Oshkosh has enough rest breaks – a dog needs to sleep a lot.” And in the most difficult sections of the track remain Oshkosh good.

animal rights activist has calmed any concerns

animal rights activist Susy Utzinger (50), which is familiar in the case of dogs perfectly: “I’m not convinced that Nik overwhelmed his dog.” A well-trained Border Collie could travel long distances. “Today we have rather the Problem that many dogs have to be moved a little.”

TV-dog-Oshkosh is now known as Hartmann’s earlier dog Jabba the Hutt (†12). Nearly 600’000 people to see Hartmann and Oshkosh Hiking. In “SRF bi de Lüt – Live” tonight from Bad Zurzach AG, the dog is not here to see it. “The hype of a Live Show would be too much for you. Rather she stays at home and watches the show with the family.”