a month Ago, they spent the weekends together. Then suddenly everything was different. The borders were closed due to Corona. Christian G.* (25) from Pfäffikon ZH, and Lea V.* (20) from Altenburg, in Jestetten (D), near the Swiss border, were torn by the measures to contain the Virus, apart!

First, the couple wrote every day, talked on the phone, whenever it went. But this is not enough for you. To was great the longing for the other. So the Lovers had to find a way to see themselves. “We met secretly at an unguarded border crossing. I hid before my motorcycle, to avoid suspicion,” says the 25-Year-old to VIEW.

the two separated a waist-high fence and cement block. A short conversation, a hug, a few verhuschte kisses. More was not in it. Both were afraid to be caught. “But it felt so good to see you,” says the young man.

“I was told that I should over,”

Christian G. called shortly after the border closure to the German customs office and asked what he is required to submit, so he can see his girlfriend. “I be assured that I am healthy, otherwise, the time’m home. Nothing helped. I was told that I should come over.” Only those who has a German passport, can at the Moment to Germany. “I have not, of course,” says Zürcher.

For a year and three months, the Swiss and the Germans are now a Couple. You can once over the border, they would not be able to imagine. “It was strange that we had to meet secretly. We felt like Criminals,” explains the 25-Year-old.


But knows no boundaries – and it has a Happy ending! Lea V. is German, but was born in Frauenfeld. The last straw: “you took your birth certificate with you to the customs and tried, so coming over.” Curious, Christian G. was waiting at an agreed meeting point on the way to his Sweetheart. Minutes were hours. But it worked: Lea V. was actually left on the border. An Exception To This? For the sake of love? The Couple don’t know it.

The Swiss customs didn’t say anything. A couple of critical moments, then it was waved through. And now? Now, the two hope that Lea V. is left on the border. Thus, the Couple does not have to experience the Corona of crisis, separated from each other. (jmh)

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