“Our nerves are frayed,” says Bianca Christians (51) to your Apartment a nightmare. Your family has not posted in the usual spot, but in advance of your trip in the USA from your Computer.

they went stylish images and inviting descriptions of a housing provider to Booking.com on the glue. In the case of mediation platforms with a healthy Dose of skepticism is always appropriate: agree the details of the landlord with the reality?

Google Maps helps

A look at Google Maps (satellite view) would have revealed the Christens at least that your apartment is located in a densely-traveled, high-traffic area. Also you would not be able to see that the outdoor pool does not exist in the advertised Size.

Also with other Online brokers like Airbnb, it’s worth it in the run-up to the trip, contact with the property owners to be incorporated. House keys, towels and bed linen are sufficiently available? Is a Person at the Delivery on site and accessible during the stay?

A look at the reviews

note that in the case of Airbnb against Fake advertisements: A Mail address of a landlord in an Airbnb-offer must include the following. Because of the exchange with the host is always running on the placement platform (contact form), as well as the payment.

In all portals of reviews of the Vormietern apply: by click, in order to gain a comprehensive impression of the property.