is a digital giant. On the online platform and 1.5 million overnight Stays are daily posted. Worldwide, it offers 29 million properties, of which 15’800 in Switzerland. Sunday view CEO Gillian Tans (49) met at the headquarters in Amsterdam.

Gillian Tan: When we travel with our three children, we prefer an apartment in the city. Then you have space. If I’m traveling for business, it is important for me to see the different types of accommodation. I love the variety. In Switzerland, I’m staying with my parents, who live in the Canton of Valais.

In many ways they are no different from other nationalities. One feature stands out: the Swiss are very active holiday guests. Outdoor activities are high on the course, you are camping in alternative accommodation such as mountain huts, Safari or castle hotels interested. An individual cut is important to you.

a Lot! We have 28 employees in Switzerland. Working directly with the industry, but also with the tourism authorities in various projects. The majority of the companies with whom we cooperate in Switzerland, has less than ten rooms. Especially for such a small company, this help is essential.

An important question is: What can you do that in the summer more people come in the mountain areas? Since we cooperate with local service providers. Many Swiss towns and there has been a rise in the number of Overnight stays in the summer. Especially Southeast Asia, China, the USA and India are currently growth markets. So, there is Good News for the Swiss hotel industry.

Oh Yes! When I started in 2002, Booking, informed people by phone or the holiday catalog. The prospectus was then a small image according to the selected accommodation. With the result that expectation and reality gaped often far apart. Due to the digitalization has improved enormously.

Very good indeed. But many people work hard every day to improve the experience for the guests. We have employees that help our customers to improve the development in their countries. For the guests very much has become easier: Over 50 percent of our bookings are now made via Smartphone.

The trust of our partners and customers is our capital. We do not sell your data or give you otherwise further. We use it only to improve our Service. And the hosts know better what guests want. We take privacy very seriously, we have demonstrated on several occasions.

We model a fairly simple business: We ask of the hosts, neither advance payments nor a monthly fee. We require only a Commission, if a guest stayed really in the property. In return, Booking operates very much Marketing for Switzerland as well. May I give an example?

In the Valais village of my parents used to be found hardly ever a Tourist. Thanks to Booking, a new type of guests visited the place. Suddenly, tourists from Japan and other Asian countries to scuba diving. Booking so also has an advantage, of the benefits Switzerland as a travel destination. But everything has its price.

once Again: We advertise worldwide for our accommodations. This requires, however, that people book their holidays through Booking. It would be difficult, if Booking would be forced to lower the price. And an unrestrained price war can not be in the interests of the hosts. Since Hoteliers and Booking pull together on a rope.

Interesting. This does not affect me very much of Switzerland.

I’ll take Switzerland as a liberal, competitive, and innovative country. A state reservation platform, which would make the hotel industry, in this Form, depending on the tax-payers, fits in my opinion not essential.

of Course! We pay tax on our local gains, in accordance with applicable law. The large part of what creates a booking on Booking in a Swiss Hotel, stays there for as income at the Hotel. It is only the Commission that the Hotel pays us flows to the Netherlands where we have since the establishment of our headquarters.

Or Amsterdam! But we don’t decide where people want to go. We can’t control. The reason for the development is that more and more people can afford to travel. That is why we work with the destinations to find solutions. We are, for example, with the management of Amsterdam, in a conversation to see if we can give you more data, so that the city can manage the stream of visitors better.

it is important to Us that each Destination will continue to be for generations to come in yet. We have created a “Booking Cares” and “Booking Booster”. We help Start-ups locally, and promoting sustainable tourism. Booking but can not improve alone the world. It needs to be more cooperation at all levels.