Book worlds artist Boris Diodorova come alive in Helicase

For more than half a century, people’s artist of Russia Boris Diodorov that in 2019 noted 85-letie, has issued over 400 books. He came up with memorable and recognizable images of the characters are not always children’s the works of Alan Milne, Hans Christian Andersen, Astrid Lindgren, Boris Zakhoder, Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Blok, Pavel Bazhov, Lev Kassil, and many others.

a collection Holidaze holds more than 900 book illustrations of the artist, the brightest and most interesting are presented at the jubilee exhibition. Visitors will be able to imagine how the artist works on the creation of illustration from concept to sketch, from sketch to realization: watercolor, etching, book. And certainly it would be impossible to pass etching machine owned by an artist.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG The “RG” introduced the videobook “Read Abramov. Brothers and sisters”

during the exhibition, March 7 festival will be held “a fairy tale”. The youngest visitors to the Museum will travel from one magical story of Boris Diodorova to another, re-acquainted with the already known characters and create their own fabulous worlds. They have to remember who saved from the death of Thumbelina, who was the best friend of Winnie the Pooh, what not to do when travelling on a goose, as a Nils, or collide with the Snow Queen as Kai. Etching machine will not stay idle, you can learn what a “scraper”, “stroked”, “rocking chair” and try to create an illustration of a method of an imprint on the paper. The holiday musical performance on the story by Hans Christian Andersen’s “the little Mermaid”: the actress Ekaterina Kochneva will read a story to the accompaniment of pianist Tatiana Shatkovskaya.

to Learn more and to buy a tickets on the site of the State Museum of the history of the Russian literature of a name of V. I. dal. The festival is held with the informational support of “Russian newspaper”.