On the originally planned cover, the FDP was shown to the politician. The Canton of Vaud, environmental and spatial planning Director considered this to be misleading. You might think that she herself was the author of the book, or in a different way with the work in its stand, she complained.

they obtained a temporary injunction banning the sale of the book of the former chief editor of the newspaper “24 heures”, Fabien Dunand. The Attinger publisher announced that the book would still appear.

This is now happening: with a modified title image, without a photo and without specifying the Name of the state councillor. On a red Banner, it says: “The forbidden book is finally available”. The title is the same: “Une conseillère d’etat ne devrait pas dire ça” (A state councillor should not say this).

“was Legally problematic, the use of the photos of Mrs de Quattro. We have deleted this photo and the book covers re-designed. The book is today widely used in the Canton of Vaud, in Western Switzerland,” said Emmanuel Vandelle, Director of Attinger publisher, on Wednesday, the news Agency Keystone-SDA. He confirmed, a message of “24heures”.

The first edition is 600 to 700 copies. The publisher hopes, that with this reporting of the dispute to the book is finished.