“Only democracy in connection with science and the benevolence of the Nations with each other to save us,” says Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old activist, who is nominated for the Nobel peace prize and in October an honorary doctor title.

Who is Greta Thunberg and how do you get your information for your climate actions? This book explains the concepts and facts behind their ideas clear and understandable. In addition, the book presents Greta, which has almost inspired two million Teenagers to go on Friday morning on the road.

In the blurb is: “It also shows how we the General skepticism should respond by informing us and to act decisively. And it presents the values of the new green movement: science, justice, and commitment.”

Valentina giannella, a journalist from Milan has written the book as a response to the questions of their own children on the topic of climate change and Manuela Marazzi has illustrated, the 128-page book. 20. August 2019 it is available.

scenes from the heart

Before Greta Thunberg to the icon of the climate movement, has written her mother – Malena Ernman (48) – a book about her daughters autism and the care of the planet. In ninety-two “scenes from the heart”, so the book is called Malena Ernman describes the life of her family and why she sacrificed for her daughter’s career.

The book is not about Greta’s many appearances during the last months. But it tells the story before and ends starts out as a Greta with the school strike. You will learn about the life and suffering history of a young climate activist. After all, before the family and Doctors to recognize Asperger’s syndrome (a Form of autism), had Greta an eating disorder and almost starved to death.