“the Population is growing at 90-95 thousand people a year, so we need to create the appropriate conditions and, of course, to ensure that residents are as comfortable as possible feel from the point of view of various payments” – said the Governor Andrei Vorobyov. To use your new bonus, you need to buy a home in a house built not more than three years ago. And on the car for which you do not need to pay vehicle tax, should not apply the multiplying factor to be applied to the premium cars. And, of course, rely on the exemption, the buyer must be registered in the region.

the Authorities expect that the newly introduced bonus will enliven the situation on the real estate market. The suburbs is building more housing in the country, in particular in this year prior to the imposition of the quarantine was put of 1.06 million square meters of housing, which is almost 300 thousand meters higher than in the first quarter of 2019. In the midst of a pandemic, real estate transactions have tumbled, but then it was announced the introduction of a preferential mortgage and the situation began to level off. “In June 2020, sales of apartments in new buildings across the country were comparable with the figures of March,” according to the press service of the company “House.Of the Russian Federation”. According to experts, today any bonuses able to revive the sales market, especially in the Moscow region, where the price per square meter is high.

Only in the suburbs mortgages at a concessional rate of 6.5% was already issued more than 3.5 thousand citizens. “The presidential program of preferential mortgage we just bailed out and saved, it makes available a large number of apartments,” – said Vorobyov. Under the terms of this program, stipulating that the reduced rate applies to the purchase of suburban housing worth up to 12 million rubles, gets up to 85% of all apartments under construction in the region.

By the way, the area introduced for buyers of real estate own benefit mortgage – families in which starting from 1 January 2020, the first baby was born, you can count on reduced mortgage rates by three percentage points. Mandatory conditions for participation in this program are the presence of Russian citizenship by both parents, and permanent registration in the Moscow region – at least one. In the suburbs must be born and registered and the toddler and select the accommodation can only be in the new building. Also in future the new settlers should not be owned by other housing. Share in the parents ‘ apartment to have, but it should not exceed social norms.

Provides subsidized suburban mortgage Bank “Building.Of the Russian Federation”. The resulting interest rate for this program depends on a number of reasons, including from the initial fee. But in the end, as explained “RG” the Director of the mortgage business, the Bankand Igor Larin, the minimum percentage may be of 3.1. The percentage of the regional mortgage program cannot be combined with Federal preferences. But grace suburban mortgage, you can refinance your current loan to purchase housing under a higher percentage.

Draw up regional preferential mortgage in the suburbs since may of this year.