announced As the Foundation on Thursday, relates to, among other things, the rhododendron Park Kromlau in Gablenz, the Jewish cemetery in Chemnitz-Altendorf, the Elias cemetery in Dresden, the rush Burger St. Nikolai Church, the lordship of Biehla in Kamenz as well as the Jahn-sports hall in the city of Meißen and the Inn “Zum Wilden Mann” in Ostrava. According to the Foundation, around 400 monument owners currently receive in Germany a commitment to funding for their construction projects. How many monuments will be funded up to the end of the year, depended, ultimately, the amount of the donations, the income of the trust funds and the luck of the draw-spiral. In previous years, we have been able to annually promote approximately 450 projects.

The German Foundation for monument protection has according to own data since 1985, nationwide, approximately EUR 590 million for more than 6000 monuments available.