William Wagner, following the example set by the professional athletes on social media are sharing what they have at home, fit and not give up on trying. The bondsprocureur of the Belgian football association shall, on his Facebook page trainingsoutfit, and a sturdy pair of sunglasses on the nose what you are fitness at home routine is. Then he jumps on a chair in the garden.

“I hope everything is going well with everyone, though I doubt it,” says Wagner in the English language of the land. “Today, we are going to talk about boosting our immune system through sports. It can be quite difficult, today, to have access to a gym. If, however, your immune system will boost up by a sport, though, so I can show it to you. Today, I will show it to you and have a seat.” When we see images of how the bondsprocureur quickly over to a chair in his garden, jump in the air.