Marlo Thomas (81) was in 1964 for an episode as “Tai Lee” in the cult series “Bonanza”. Your breakthrough is, however, only a year later, with the main role of “Ann Marie” in the Sitcom “Sweet, but a bit crazy.” This presentation left them in 1967, even a Golden Globe win.

To date, the actress in the film industry operates. She starred in numerous TV series, with – as in “My uncle from Mars”, “Frasier” and “Law & Order: Special Vicims Unit”. Their performances have been limited often to a few consequences.

The “Bonanza”-“Tai Lee”actress was even for three episodes in the popular Sitcom “to see Friends” as “Sandra Green”, the mother of “Rachel”.

in addition to the performances in the series, Marlo Thomas was television and movies – even in the last years she was seen on the screen. In 2012 she played alongside Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in the Remake of “LOL”.

Marlo Thomas is dedicated not only to the spectacle of charity

in 2018, it was part of the high-profile Cast of “Ocean’s 8”. In the movie other star sizes such as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway were involved.

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