It was a Sunny Saturday morning, when the misfortune befell Schaffhausen. Three squadrons of the U.S. air force attacked on 1. April 1944, the city on the Rhine. Within 40 seconds, beating 378 explosive and incendiary bombs and killed forty people. About 270 people were injured, and several dozen houses were razed to the ground. The impact was most severe attack of the allies on the neutral Switzerland.

a bomb, the get in Church, today, exactly 75 years after the tragic accident, the victims of the bombing was thought to have been made at that time. With justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter (55) and the US Ambassador Ed McMullen (54). In addition to the local and cantonal political celebrities were invited, also, relatives of Victims and people who had witnessed the crash first-hand.

Schaffhausen with Ludwigshafen had confused done

McMullen came to say “Sorry” – like the former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt decades ago (1882-1945). Because of the dropping of bombs on Schaffhausen was a Mistake. Actually, the US bombers wanted to take the IG Farben (today BASF) in the southern German city of Ludwigshafen into the visor, where poison gas was manufactured for use in the concentration camps of the Nazis. However, the pilots had lost due to bad weather conditions in the area and a broken radar complete the orientation.

“Americans learn in history class that during the war many mistakes were made. This is one of them,” said McMullen to VIEW (see Video). He came to Schaffhausen in order to take share. The population should know that the unfortunate incident, “does the United States and to our President, very sorry”. The United States had paid Schaffhausen for the reconstruction compensation in the amount of $ 40 million.

“There are new threats to which we need answers”

Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter moved in her speech, the Parallels to today. “The disaster made it clear where Switzerland is right in the middle of Europe,” she said. Today, you will be surrounded by friends. “But there are new threats to which we need answers.”

police and Minister of justice, spoke to, for example, the jihadist-motivated terrorism, which has shaken several European cities, some of which are not far away from Switzerland. In addition, the basement referred to the purchase-Sutter on the upcoming Fighter. Switzerland could not afford to trust in case of an emergency on the help of others, she said. “We need to take our safety into their own hands.”