A loss of several hundred thousand francs was due to the bomb threat at the address of the Mall of Switzerland, which the Accused allegedly on the 14. March 2018 by phone uttered, such as the Lucerne Prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday. The building had been evacuated, there is no explosives on site, but found himself.

Shortly thereafter, the Accused threatened over the phone and in writing with a further bomb in a building in the Canton of Lucerne and called the police with a cash amount of 150’000 Swiss francs. Later, he increased the claim to 200’000 Swiss francs.

on money transfer

The Droher taken was on the 17th. March 2018, the planned cash transfer. It was held for 25 days in detention.

The public Prosecutor’s office in Emmen accuses the man accused of causing fear and alarm among the population, multiple fraudulent assets, damage, false Alarm, and attempted extortion with threat to many people. It calls for a sentence of imprisonment of six years. The indictment was transferred to the criminal court. (SDA)