the American newspaper the Washington Post announced a fragment of a forthcoming book, ex-assistant to the President for national security John Bolton “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house”, which refers to a veiled request from President Donald trump to help him with his re-election to his post, which he addressed to the President of China XI Jinping.

It’s in the fragment is about the bilateral meeting between the two leaders at the G20 summit in Japan in June 2019, during which XI Jinping has lamented the criticism of China in the United States. As stated in the book

“trump immediately assumed that his companion was referring to Democrats… saying that among Democrats there is indeed much hostility stunning… Then he switched the conversation to the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, alluding to the economic opportunities China’s impact on the campaign, pleading with XI Jinping to secure him the victory”, – quotes the edition of the book of Bolton