A malfunction of the 737 MAX model built-in security Software MCAS had played in the two crash shortly after the Start of the machines in Indonesia and Ethiopia a role, such as Boeing admitted. This is a false chain reaction could be broken, explained Muilenburg on the Monday before the shareholders in Chicago. “It is our responsibility, this risk is off,” he added, according to the speech text.

With the Update of the MCAS Software, the required number of test flights to 146 flights with the 250 flight hours completed, said the Boeing CEO. Also, many large customers have tried the function on simulator tests.

The U.S. aviation authority FAA has to approve the Software Update and the training plans for pilots of the Boeing 737 MAX, before this is allowed to lift it again. The Boeing important model, it was concluded in March after the second crash in Ethiopia globally, because of obvious technical error on the aircraft caused the disasters with 346 deaths. The best-selling Boeing is, among other things, in the fleets of the travel group TUI, or the low-cost airline Norwegian.

a Computer-Kürsli?

learned How Reuters last updated by insiders, the FAA, the 737 MAX by the end of may or mid-June, lift it again. The Pilot Union of American Airlines (APA) warned, however, that, so far, provided training with the new Software thoroughly enough. An FAA-appointed panel of experts had recommended that computer training was sufficient. Simulator training was not necessary.

APA said, however, a short computer course to give the pilots enough confidence to fly the plane again, in good conscience, and to be able to ensure to the passengers to stand up. It is, at least, the Simulator should give the Videos to emergencies and regular Simulator training. The cost of 500 to 1000 dollars per hour. But the authorities in Canada, Europe and South Korea to consider the training on the Simulator.

Muilenberg arises on the occasion of the General Assembly for the first time after the plane crash to the Public. Some shareholders criticize his double function as head of the Executive Board and of the Board of Directors to monitor the Management.