Victoria Kuzmina in the clip “photo Shoot”

the Group gave their fans a real surprise. Tonight on the YouTube channel of the group (as in the clip contains obscene language, share the link to it. — Approx. ed.), who last year announced their breakup, there’s a new video for the song “photo Shoot”. This became known in particular thanks to Natalia Davydova, who starred in the video. About the upcoming premiere, she wrote in her instagram.

two weeks before shooting the video I decided that a list with dreams it is time to refresh. Old come true, you need new benchmarks. As they say, dreams should be bold, otherwise it is not dreams, and plans for the future. And, no sooner had the ink to dry on paper with my requests, suddenly in the late evening during bed viewing no promises of a movie the phone rang. It was a call from the celestial office to report that my request was heard and would have a role in the music video of “Leningrad”! I jumped on the bed, stomped through the house, screaming with joy! My participation in the video — it’s a big dream come true!

— shared emotions Davydova.

the plot of the movie — plus-size model, played by vocalist Victoria Kuzmina. She takes part in various photo shoots for fashion magazines, and then process the photos using the app, making himself skinny. In this screen appear the headlines on the topic of the day. “Walked” group voting on amendments, the famous breakfasts Yana Rudkovskaya, the harassment, bodypositive and other current topics.

Victoria Kuzmina in the clip “photo Shoot”

the clip was Directed by famous Russian photographer Daniil Velichko.

the opinion of fans was divided. While some appreciated the witty authors, others have noted that neither the song nor the clip they are not impressed.

Victoria Kuzmina and Natalia Davydova in the clip “photo Shoot”